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  • Danish Sinha

The Advantages Video Games Can Bring to Your Child

As parents, it is crucial to recognize that video games can be a beneficial learning tool for children. Playing certain types of video games can help children to develop specific skills, such as problem-solving, strategy, and creativity.

Knowing these benefits can help parents select suitable video games for their children, educators create supplemental learning activities, and game developers create educational games. Here are some of the advantages we are talking about:

Bringing the Family Together

Playing video games together can now be an enjoyable and interactive experience for people of any skill level. You and your child can now play the same game together, creating an environment for conversation and bonding. Sharing the experience of playing a video game can help your child open up to you about their successes and struggles.

Building Friendships

As opposed to their elders, most youngsters view video games as an enjoyable group activity, not something that leads to disconnection. Gaming is a way for kids to interact with each other, have fun, and spend quality time with their peers.

When they get together, they would often discuss the latest games and their successes and failures. Additionally, they talk about how they were doing against each other in their favorite titles. Specific findings also suggested that children with mild learning disabilities were more likely than other children to say that one of the reasons they play video games is to make new friends.

Demonstrating Leadership

Children playing video games together can learn to work together by sharing responsibilities. They can take turns leading and following each other depending on who has the necessary skills for the game. This can help build leadership skills such as persuading and motivating others and resolving disagreements.

Online multiplayer games allow teenagers to work with people of different ages and take on the responsibility of leading a team. Age does not matter in these games if the team is successful.

Honing Problem-Solving

Playing certain video games can positively impact the development of a child's brain. These games require problem-solving and strategizing, allowing children to practice these skills and grow their thinking. Games like Legend of Zelda and Bakugan: Defenders of the Core need players to think through complicated situations and develop strategies.

Inspiring Creativity

Modding, a way for gamers to customize their avatar's look and create new levels, is an excellent way for individuals to show their creativity and gain insight into gaming principles. It can also help children learn to problem-solve, think ahead, and express their unique personalities. Although video games are not traditionally considered educational, they have the potential to teach kids valuable skills.

Learning about Exercise

Boys gain skills from playing sports-related video games, such as learning new moves and taking up new sports. In particular, they would practice what they learned from the game on the court or with a skateboard. Furthermore, some are inspired to take up a new sport after experiencing it in the virtual world. Results of a study even revealed that playing realistic sports-related video games increased the amount of time spent participating in actual sports and exercising.

Teaching Healthy Competition

Competing with others can be a normal and healthy part of childhood as children try to gain recognition and status. Video games provide an opportunity for people to engage in competitive activities without having to worry about physical contact or the pressure of a real-life situation. They give children who don't like sports the chance to show their skills and prove their ability in a virtual environment.


There are many advantages of video games for children. It can help to develop their cognitive skills, problem-solving ability and creativity. Moreover, it can help children to build their social skills by playing online multiplayer video games. Therefore, parents should encourage their children to play video games to reap benefits.

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