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We Are Fighting For Inclusivity

About The Company

Gamestacy is fighting for a better gaming world by creating inclusive, safe, and respectful games. The company’s end-to-end development capabilities allow us to develop full-scale multiplayer games tightly integrated with the Unity 3D engine, enabling game creativity and immersive games. Gamestacy is based in the Bengaluru area and is led by a team of game-industry veterans and backed by investors, accelerators, and advisors, including Google Indie Games Accelerator, Roki Soeharyo, Angelo Lobo, Sanjay Kumar, Eric Fung.


To create the best gaming experiences for women and LGBTQ+ gamers by understanding the different challenges and developing practical solutions. 


We want to create a fun, inclusive, and respectful gaming ecosystem for everyone.


Our Mentors and Advisors

01/ Sanjay Kumar

03/ Roki Soeharya

04/ Trapper Markelz

02/ Eric Fung

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