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  • Danish Sinha

Google-Accelerated Gaming Metaverse: A Safe Space for Players

In 2021, Gamestacy, an indie game developer, was selected by Google out of thousands of other startups. The world's largest tech giant noticed Gamestacy's flagship product, Influenzer, which caught the attention of various investors and industry professionals, speeding up plans to create a Google-accelerated gaming Metaverse.

The gaming startup was fortunate to receive help from influential people in the gaming and tech industry, such as Sanjay Kumar, Ex-CEO of Elior India & Altran India, Eric Fung, Co-Founder of Basilica, Rahul Pandit, CEO of Horizon Industrial Parks, Trapper Markelz, Co-Founder & COO of Beamable, Roki Soeharyo, CEO of TouchTen Games, and Angelo Lobo, Ex-Director at Zynga. They provided investments, support, and mentorship.

The Formula for Success

Gamestacy's approach to success is creating a game set in a virtual world, which appeals to the younger generation's need to be seen as influential. Instead of focusing just on the game itself, Influenzer encourages users to hang out and socialize in its virtual spaces while also creating an environment that is gender inclusive.

The business eliminated the conventional damaging archetypes and sexualized figures of its video game, presenting it as a secure environment for female gamers, commonly overlooked by the gaming world. The crowd showed their support, and soon afterward, 72,000 gamers became regular players, displaying higher engagement across games than the ones seen by other companies.

The Results

The success of Gamestacy's Influenzer has been remarkable. Despite having minimal marketing efforts, the company's monthly traffic from the US has skyrocketed, rising from 50k at the beginning of 2022 to 1M in April. This has led to many investors joining forces with major seed-capital providers to back the venture. These factors have resulted in Influenzer being awarded three trophies and seeing continual growth.

Because of this, Gamestacy is becoming a powerhouse in the gaming industry with its strong business model. Game revenues are predicted to reach over US $435 billion by 2028, and most of this growth will be driven by social experiences rather than pure gaming. This is where Influenzer shines, as it offers a unique edge in the gaming space. This is why more and more investors are turning to Gamestacy's portfolio on WeFunder.

The Figurehead behind This Success and The Potential Investor Rewards

Danish Sinha is the founder and CEO of Gamestacy. His strong background in developing gaming projects and seven successful ventures have led to investor confidence in the potential of a safe, Google-accelerated gaming Metaverse.

Gamestacy is offering a special opportunity to be one of the first people to invest in the company. If you invest in Gamestacy before they reach their goal of $250,000, you will receive special terms. This offer will be around for a while, so interested investors should take advantage of it now.

The initial investors in this gaming company will be offered a special deal. They will be part of a Future Equity Agreement with a maximum value of $7.5M and a 25 percent discount. However, once the amount of funding reaches $250K, these special terms will no longer be available. Despite this, investing in this gaming company can be very profitable.

Final Thoughts

It is clear from the uptake of new users that safe spaces for female gamers and avenues for platform socialization are key indicators for the gaming industry’s future. With Gamestacy leading the way, the industry should watch how this startup will continually change the gaming landscape in the coming years.

Be a Part of This Metaverse with Gamestacy

Gamestacy is working to make gaming a more welcoming and enjoyable experience. We are using their development capabilities to create multiplayer games linked to the Unity 3D engine, allowing for unique and immersive gaming experiences. Our objective is to create a safe and respectful environment where gamers of all backgrounds can participate in the Google-accelerated gaming Metaverse. Try us out by downloading the app on Google Play today!

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